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Wedding Make-Up

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup - the natural choice

"We know that our cosmetic line has the ability to change your life. The skin you've always wanted is now just a brush away"

Jane Iredale
  • Foundation that gives a natural, flawless base, contributing to the health of your skin and containing powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one.
  • Concealer containing Vitamin K, helping lighten dark areas; white tea and cucumber extracts, soothing tired eyes; and buckwheat wax that helps reduce puffiness.
  • Purepressed Blush so natural for your cheeks.
  • Puremoist (TM) For Lips Colours SPF 18 with a delicious peppermint flavour.
  • Puregloss (TM) For Lips the ultimate lip gloss: soothing and protective, with a tingly mint and ginger flavour for lip-plump without chemicals.
  • These make up just some of the skincare makeup range by Jane Iredale. Book an appointment and see for yourself how radiant, beautiful and natural you can look!
    Wedding makeup
    Brides Makeup (Including trial)
    £ 62.00
    Bridesmaids Makeup per person
    £ 42.00
    Bridesmaids Makeup 5-10 year old
    £ 22.00
    Makeup Lesson and Skincare Advice
    £ 37.00
    Day/Evening Makeup
    £ 34.00