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Light At The End Of The Tunnel


WoW! We have certainly been on a rollercoaster journey! My goodness me! Monday 23rd March 2020, closed due to Covid government rules! all clients cancelled, courses cancelled, even my wedding was cancelled! as of the present day, it's been cancelled 3 times now! ………. And Breath!

Anyway, going forwards, phew! We are opening up again and keeping everything crossed. We are fully booked for the first week back, ready with all our PPE on stand by and can’t wait to welcome all of our clients back, we’ve got so much to catch up on.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster and surreal year, mentally and physically, when work suddenly comes to a complete and utter standstill from being fully booked to a lockdown, it's a hard thing to get your head around. There are only so many jobs you can do around the house to occupy your time. I don't know about you, but not having a purpose in life has really knocked my confidence, it’s taken a massive dive and as for my sense of humour? It’s dried up! I’m determined to reach down, deep into my soul and find them, I know they’re in there somewhere!

I have spent a fair bit of my time looking in the mirror, giving myself a really good talking to and saying “ come on girl, get a grip, get your face on, do some stretching exercises and eat properly” I never realised, with so much time on my hands, how many emotions I could have all in one day and as for the brain fog and menopause? we won’t go there at the moment, otherwise, I’ll never stop... Crazy times!

I must admit, between you and me! at the beginning of lockdown, a chilled bottle of wine in the fridge, rationing myself, strictly, from 5 o’clock onwards, helped to numb things for a while, but then that soon wore off, when I could see how dehydrated and ageing my skin started looking.

“Time to be good” cut down on the wine and replace it with filtered water! Peeing every two minutes was an understatement, but I kept telling myself “that’s all those bad toxins being forced out of my system” It really does work! A glass of water at breakfast, a glass of water at lunch and a glass of water at dinner, gradually increasing the amount of water, built up over time to two litres a day, worked wonders on my skin after only one week. Then I went one step further......

With all of our lotions and potions sitting on the shelf, gradually getting closer to their sell-by dates, Tash and I decided to make the most of these products that would’ve been thrown away and boy! did we use them up! Tash wasn’t as enthusiastic as a mum. She’s a beautiful spring chicken and can bounce back easily (I remember those days) but me! I went to town on my maintenance, with all this time on my hands, no clients to beautify, I decided to give myself a total sprucing up inside and out.

Under normal working day circumstances, I tend to look after and beautify everybody else first, but as there’s no one to give my all to, I decided to sort myself out. I cleansed, I toned, I exfoliated, I moisturised, I waxed, (my inch long chin/leg hairs) religiously! and I must admit, it made me feel good, it made me look younger, my total attitude has changed, I am a new self-worthy woman, my mental health has improved too, aged 54, a woman who loves herself again. Hey, sense of humour! hey, confidence! Welcome back!

To all the women and men over 50, out there, life begins, with all our experiences of life’s ups and downs, we have the rest of our lives to live. Be comfortable in your beautiful skin, take care of yourself, nurture yourself, don’t compare yourself to others, you are unique in every sense of the word, live your life!

A little bit of daily maintenance is all it takes to feel confident, be confident, and keep a sense of humour and laugh at yourself and love the body you’re in! Let’s go on this self-worthy, loving journey and see how far we can go........

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