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Treat Your Feet! with Cotswold Beauty

I don’t want to seem obsessive about feet, but I really want to share this with you….

Having seen and beautified so many pairs of clients feet throughout my career! 

Feet are so very important to look after, especially when you’ve walked the equivalent of once or twice around the world by the time you hit 30 years old 😱 And did you know you have thousands of sweat glands on each foot!

The best bit of advice I could give is…

Wash them daily, with soap, before you go to bed, (especially in the Summer) dry thoroughly in between all toes, I can’t emphasise that enough! Then massage moisturiser into them. The best time to get rid of built up hard skin is every time you take a shower or bath, have that hard skin remover at hand and rub over heals, then moisturise. Each time you do this, it wears down the layers of hard skin that builds up over time. if you stick with this routine, you’ll really notice the difference, even after a week! It works wonders!

A regular luxury pedicure makes a huge difference too! Have you ever experienced a foot massage? It’s heaven! And it’s a great stress buster. You feel like you’re walking on air! And it unblocks the energy flows throughout the body! Seriously, try it and experience the shear relaxing, distressing, ultimate wellbeing feeling!

Health Issues

People with certain health issues benefit from regular monthly pedicures too. You see, the way I see it is, with all those sweat glands on the bottoms of your feet. Salt builds up and on a really warm day when you’ve been standing on them, they can feel quite sore and burning feeling by the end of the day. Wash them just before you go to bed with soap then moisturise, job done, comfortable feet, happy feet!

Treat Your Feet!

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